Stop Smoking and Never Look Back

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Most people that try to quit smoking never make it to the finish line. They usually return to the habit sometime in the first weeks or months after the attempt to quit. And while their effort is strong, it’s not enough to overcome the strong nicotine addiction that brings them right back to the harmful habit.

However, there is an interesting new statistic as it pertains to people who try to quit smoking through the use of vaping. Now it seems that 7 in 10 people that attempt to quit smoking and switch to vaporizers are able ot kick the habit permanently. And since vaping is not harmful due to the lack of harmful chemicals and addictives in the ingredients of the vape juice, it’s much better to get hooked on vape. The nice thing about vaporizers today is that they allow you to adjust the levels of nicotine you are getting, so that you can ween yourself completely off of it over time if you’d like, slowly but surely. However, nicotine in and of itself, while addicting is not the problem with smoking – it’s the tars, residues and horrible chemicals (over 2,000+) that reside inside of the cigarette thanks to the mass production factory enivronments of the cigarettes.