The ER Markerboard secret

Hopefully you haven’t had many trips to the ER recently, but if you have, perhaps you noticed the latest trend in ERs or other medical, health treatment facilities. Did you notice the massive whiteboard walls that are opening up incredible space for brainstorm, organization of thought, collaboration, even creativity for their patients and employees?

So, what is the secret to huge dry erase space on walls in these buildings are health treatment areas?

Marker board paint!

Check it out. This is what they are using to paint onto the walls and transform their surfaces, spaces and walls into whiteboards:

As far as products on the market go, there are a handful of companies making marker board paint, otherwise known as dry erase paint, dry erase board paint, or whiteboard paint. Some of the biggest competitors in this market are IdeaPaint, rustoleum, writeyboard and ReMARKable. We’ve tried them all, and have talked to many health facilities about their experiences with these brands, and we have found a common thread in our conversations and experiences. The absolute best marker board paint that money can buy is ReMARKable – check them out at





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