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Alkegen Announces Plan to Increase Micro-Fine Glass Fiber Capacity to Meet Growing Demand for Batteries and Filtration | New

BUFFALO, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 22, 2022–

Alkegenone of the world’s largest specialty materials platforms that provides high-performance materials used in advanced applications including filtration media, battery technologies, high-temperature insulation and fire protection, announced today is expanding efforts to increase its total microfine glass fiber (MFGF) manufacturing capacity by 30%.

“Our advanced microfine glass fibers are essential components in many of the world’s most innovative products, from medical devices to batteries for electric vehicles,” said John Dandolph, President and CEO of Alkegen. “These latest investments reflect Alkegen’s continued commitment to our fiber technology partners, increasing supply in anticipation of future demand as we continue to develop compelling new specialty applications for these advanced chemistries. fiberglass.

Alkegen plans to accelerate the improvement of MFGF capacity by adding a total of eight manufacturing lines at its Bahrain plant and 22 lines at its US-based plant located in Summerville, SC. The company also plans to expand and improve MFGF’s capacity and operations in China, including doubling its current turnaround capacity in the region.

“Our expansion of MFGF into Bahrain, Summerville, SC and Songyuan, China positions Alkegen globally as the best option for customers who value quality and security of supply,” said Chris McPhillips, managing director of MFGF, Alkegen. “The addition of over 30 manufacturing lines will not only help alleviate some of the supply chain strains we have seen in the first half of the year, but also ensure that Alkegen continues to meet the growing demand for MFGF in fast-growing industry sectors such as batteries, high-end air and liquid filtration, and medical test media.

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Alkegen, formerly Unifrax and Lydall Materials, creates specialized high performance materials used in advanced applications such as electric vehicles, energy storage, filtration, fire protection and high temperature insulation, among others. Alkegen is vertically integrated across several process technology platforms designed with the ultimate goal of saving energy, reducing pollution and improving the safety of people, buildings and equipment by fulfilling our mission to help the world to breathe easier, live greener and go further than ever before. . Alkegen has 75 manufacturing plants operating in 12 countries and employs over 9,000 employees worldwide. More information is available at

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