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Apetit’s High Fiber BlackGrain Veggie Ball Creation Goes Into Production

Jan 05, 2022 — Incorporating BlackGrain into plant-based applications has proven complicated so far, with Finnish food company Apetit embarking on small-scale production of its plant-based protein rapeseed, “BlackGrain in Yellow Fields”.

Featuring the elusive BlackGrain ingredient, Apetit’s first product launch is high-fiber, gluten-free and soy-free mini vegetable balls for use in the food service industry.

“The mini veggie balls are a vegan product, made from pea protein and our very own BlackGrain. They work well as a protein in salad bars or as a substitute for meatballs in pasta sauce,” says Hanna Pere, Product Category Manager at Apetit.

Commissioning oil pressing side flow
BlackGrain is made in Finland from oilseed cake, an important side stream of Apetit’s oil pressing.

Prior to the development of BlackGrain, the meal was simply used as a raw material for animal feed. BlackGrain received novel food authorization from the European Commission in February 2021.

Apetit developed the idea because he wanted to use an existing raw material in a new product with higher added value.BlackGrain has received novel food authorization from the European Commission.

“The rapeseed cake has excellent nutritional values. By refining this raw material into BlackGrain, we are offering the food industry a new, easily applicable, Finnish-made vegetable protein,” says Jenny Tallberg, Business Development Manager of Avena Nordic Grain.

Small-scale production allows the company to supply BlackGrain for customer samples, testing and sales.

Circular pansy behind vegetable balls
BlackGrain is a cradle-to-cradle product and fits into circular economy strategies as it was developed from an existing raw material.

“We have discovered great applications for BlackGrain in several product categories, and our customers will be testing it in a variety of different products, such as gluten-free bread, snacks and bars, cereals and vegetable protein,” says Tallberg. .

BlackGrain is suitable for a variety of diets, making it ideal for application in vegetable balls. It contains high amounts of fiber, protein, and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

fatty acids are abundant in the daily diet and consumers are looking for more accessible ways to achieve holistic health. However, the rise of lesser-known fatty acid ingredients is creating new applications beyond heart health, such as sports nutrition and immunity.

Edited by Inga de Jong

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