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Cannabis in cartons, fiber bottles and light beer

We continue to see a lot of material changes driven largely by sustainability goals. Replacing plastic is still a priority for many brands and retailers looking to replace the material with solutions that can deliver a better environmental footprint or at least be better received by anti-plastic consumers.

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Cannabis products move to milk carton formatCannabis brand Lemonati Family FarmsLePackHub
Lemonati Family Farms is a Michigan-based cannabis brand. They recently launched a new line of cannabis strains in milk carton packaging to help raise funds and awareness for those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis offences. The cartons will mimic the missing persons announcements once found on milk cartons. They feature a QR code which, when accessed by a smartphone, will display stories about the imprisoned prisoners, as well as additional information about the various new strains. Called the “Defiance” series, $1 from every sale will go to Freedom Grow, a nonprofit that works to help and free cannabis prisoners. The strains are named after positions within the cannabis industry – “The Caregiver” (Strawberry Shortcake), “The Grower” (Zkittles and Wedding Cake), “The Patient” (Wedding Cake and Gelato #33) and ” The Plug” (Sophisticated Punch and Candy Rain).
Reducing the glass of beer reduces the impact of the carbon footprintBottles Estrella GaliciaBottles Estrella GaliciaLePackHub
Spanish beer brand Estrella Galicia has launched a new glass bottle for its Cerveza Especial beer that features a 12% reduction in glass content. It has been estimated that this will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by nearly 10,000 metric tons per year. The brand identity has also been revamped and includes packaging with sustainable features, such as FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified labels and 100% recyclable cardboard outer packaging, created from waste generated by the brewery. The redesigned bottle will initially be available in over 300 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. The redesigned packaging will feature the star used on the original packaging and will be available on Estrella Galicia Cerveza Especial beer in 4.330 and 4×660 ml packaging sizes.

The paper-based bottle uses an organic barrier coatingFiber bottlesFiber bottlesLePackHub
Papacks is a Cologne-based manufacturer of paper-based packaging items. The World Packaging Organization awarded them the “Worldstar For Packaging” award in the Beverages/Beverage and Packaging Materials and Components category, for its Papacks fiber bottle. The bottle is said to be 100% plastic free and is made using Papacks Foodsafe molded fiber parts for direct food contact. It also uses Papacks organic coating for its barrier coating, which is 100% plastic free. It can be recycled into waste paper or the organic waste cycle is home compostable and will be fully composted in about six weeks under the right conditions. The bottles are heat sealable with Papacks sealing paper which has the same natural coating. It is claimed that the CO2 emissions are four times lower than the comparable production of plastic bottles. They are also not liable for the European plastic tax which came into force at the beginning of 2021 and is equivalent to €800 per tonne of non-recycled plastic waste.

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