Fiber foods

Down the aisle: prebiotic fiber is the new functional ingredient

The drinks may be winners in terms of innovation and trending ingredients, but they’re not the only products with prebiotics that are answering consumers’ quest for more fiber. Prebiotic fiber is deliberately added to a wide range of food categories as a functional supplement in everything from snacks to baking mixes and more. At the same time, brands that switch to inherently fiber-rich whole food ingredients are also helping Americans get the fiber they need. Here are three products you might consider stocking:

Cappello Buffalo Ranch Keto Pizza with Roasted Cauliflower

These certified gluten-free keto pizzas have a crust made with turnip, almond flour and high fiber egg (20 grams per pie) and topped with real mozzarella, cauliflower, olive oil dressing lawyer and more. SRP: $10.99

Lemmy Razz Protein Bytes Bar

This vegan bar verified and certified by newcomer Byte Bar’s non-GMO project packs both protein and fiber – 11 and 8 grams respectively – with its blend of dates, chicory root extract, sunflower butter , organic oats, pumpkin seeds and MCT oil. SRP: $2.49

Semolina Artisanal Pasta Strozzapreti with SuperGrain Regrained

This artisan pasta has three times the fiber of regular pasta at 6 grams per serving, and a great food waste mission thanks to its use of recycled spent barley from Californian craft breweries. MSRP $8.99