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DSM to Acquire Norwegian Producer of Pea-Derived Protein, Starch and Fiber

The Norwegian company is well positioned in the buoyant alternative protein market, supplying proteins, starches and dietary fibers for plant-based foods, pet food and animal feed, DSM said.

Based in Tau on the southwest coast of Norway, Vestkorn Milling has 55 employees and sells its ingredients worldwide.

DSM said the acquisition will help it achieve its goal of building an alternative protein business and that the acquired plant-based protein portfolio will provide synergy with the Dutch company’s CanolaPRO rapeseed protein isolate, which is expected to be launched. commercially next year.

Flow portfolio

Vestkorn Milling’s line of animal feed, which is produced without the use of processing aids or chemical compounds, includes pea protein, pea starch and pea fibre; the products have application in the feeding of fish, pigs, poultry and ruminants.

Inclusion levels depend on the product and animal species, the company said. “Our products are used both to increase the digestible protein content in formulations and to improve the physical quality of pellets.”

Its pea starch is described as a very effective binder, its pea protein is non-GMO and has a “high quality amino acid profile »while its pea fiber is produced from the husk of dry yellow peas and green peas, with it containing “a high dietary fiber content, of which approximately 75% is insoluble and moderately fermentable.

Aslak Lie, CEO of Vestkorn Milling, said that with DSM, the company gets a long-term oriented owner who will fuel its growth and expansion.

The agreement is subject to customary conditions and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2021.