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Eating High in Fiber Improves Colon Cancer Survival: 5 Best High Fiber Foods

According to a recent study, consuming foods high in fiber after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer is linked to a lower risk of death from colorectal cancer. A change in diet with increased fiber intake has been associated with improved survival. Data on the diet and fiber intake of 1,575 colon cancer patients were analyzed by lead author of the study, Dr. Andrew Chan, of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. . Consuming an additional five grams was found to be linked to a 22% lower risk of death from colorectal cancer compared to the lowest fiber intake. However, the type of fiber is also important. The risk of death from colorectal cancer was found to be lowest with whole grains and cereal fiber. The study found that consuming an additional 5 grams of grain fiber was associated with a 22% lower risk of death from all causes and a 33% lower risk of death from colorectal cancer. So here is a list of some of the best high fiber foods that you need to start eating today. (ALSO READ: Easy Apple Recipes For Weight Loss: 4 Ingenious And Healthy Ways To Eat Apples While On A Diet).Also Read – Here’s Why You Feel ‘Blah’ After Christmas, Read On!

1. Lentils


Lentils are one of the best sources of fiber. A single cup of cooked lentils contains 15.6 grams of fiber. It is found in all kitchens. It’s delicious, filling, and rich in nutrients like iron, manganese, folate, protein, and phosphorus. Make lentil soup and eat it every day. Also Read – Explained: Why Your Joints And Shoulders Hurt More In Winter

2. Split peas

Cooked split peas contain 16.3 grams of fiber in each cup. This food is loaded with protein and other nutrients. You can either make soup or put it in a curry. It’s a comfort food and super lime. If you are making a soup, add spinach leaves to make it more nutritious. (ALSO READ: Home Remedies For Hair Loss: 6 Effective Tips To Stop Hair Loss And Stimulate Hair Growth). Also Read – Fitness Gadgets: 24/7 Monitoring Might Make You Sad

3. Chickpeas



Rich in copper, manganese, protein, omega-6 fatty acids, folate, and omega-3 fatty acids, chickpeas are a popular food. It is consumed all over the world and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A single cup of cooked chickpeas contains 8 grams of fiber.

4. Black beans

One cup of cooked black beans contains 15 grams of fiber. Black beans are high in complex fiber, so make a stew with sweet potatoes and peppers.

5. Chia seeds

chia seeds

chia seeds

Incorporate chia seeds into your diet to experience its various health benefits. It is a super food that contains many nutrients like calcium, protein, manganese, phosphorus, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. A single tablespoon of chia seeds contains 5.5 grams of fiber. So add it to your salads, drinks, smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal.

High fiber intake will also improve your digestion, control blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol levels in your body. So, make sure you are consuming these high fiber foods every day.