Fiber foods

Fiber-rich foods that the longest-lived people eat in the blue zones

  • The blue zones are the regions of the world where people live the longest and healthiest lives.
  • Their diet is high in carbohydrates and fiber, an important nutrient for digestion.
  • Common high-fiber foods in blue zones include breads, beans, green vegetables, and nuts.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, there is good evidence that getting enough fiber is essential.

Fiber-rich foods, including lots of carbohydrates, feature prominently in diets in blue zones, the areas of the world where people live the longest and healthiest lives, research shows.

The blue areas represent a wide variety of cuisines, such as Japanese, Greek, Italian, and Costa Rican. Although the specific foods vary, high-fiber food groups like beans, nuts, whole grains, herbs, and green vegetables form the backbone of Blue Zones diets.

Research suggests that getting enough fiber is important for digestive health, blood sugar stability, and the prevention of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. Foods rich in fiber can also help with weight loss filling you up after eating.

To reap the benefits, FDA recommends consuming about 28 grams of fiber per day (or between 21 and 38 grams, depending on your overall calorie needs).

Start adding more fiber to your diet by incorporating Blue Zones staple foods, cabbage and kale into bread and oatmeal.