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Florasophy sees fiber as medicine

Portland, Ore., April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PORTLAND, OR., April 7, 2022 — Florasophy, a collection of clinician-developed organic soluble fiber blends, has launched in Portland, Oregon. Founded by female entrepreneurs, Florasophy offers three different formulas with a specific combination of soluble fiber to meet individual digestive needs, including Loosen Up™, Firm Up™ and Daily Fix™. The soluble fiber found in Florasophy supplements binds and removes toxins from the body and nourishes healthy gut microbes for better digestive health, which improves stool consistency and regularity.

Fiber is an essential part of a diet. US dietary guidelines suggest that adults should consume a minimum of 25-38 grams of total fiber per day; however, most Americans fall short, consuming an average of only 16 grams per day. Containing over 4 grams of soluble fiber per serving, Florasophy supplements provide a concentrated and convenient source of daily fiber for adults and children. Increasing fiber through supplementation can improve health outcomes by supporting healthy digestion, elimination, metabolism, blood sugar management, detoxification, lower cholesterol, and cardiovascular and colon health. optimal.

Megan Barnett, MS, CNS, and Lee Carson, health advocate and NASM-certified personal trainer, launched Florasophy in 2021. Barnett, who works as a functional medicine practitioner and research scientist, recognized a gap in supplements for fibers on the market and what his patients needed to improve their overall well-being. “Humans were genetically designed to seek out their fiber, and we’ve gotten quite far from that in recent years,” Barnett said. “Even if you eat really healthy, it still takes plenty of servings of fruits and vegetables a day to reach the recommended 25-38 grams of fiber for optimal health benefits. Good health really starts in your gut,” she said.

Wanting to create an organic product to treat the chronic health conditions and digestive issues plaguing his patients, Barnett began blending organic chia seeds, acacia gum, glucomannan, Sunfiber and psyllium seeds with his kitchen table. The result was Florasophy Fiber Blends, a powdered supplement designed to be mixed with water, juice or smoothies, and packaged in eco-friendly packaging, available nationwide.

“We want people to understand that fiber isn’t just a fad, it’s essential to everyone’s nutrition,” said Carson, who also owns a personal training studio. “I see people who already care a lot about what they put into their bodies, who don’t understand the health benefits of maximizing their fiber intake. It’s not just about pooping,” a- she declared.

Traditional doctors often go straight to diagnoses, prescribe or even recommend procedures without first considering natural ways to heal the body. Kylan Pimley, local mom and business owner, had that experience. Pimley said her OB-GYN recommended an early hysterectomy to treat pervasive PMS symptoms that seemed to spiral out of control. “I was so sick of being so miserable and was ready to go ahead with the procedure, given that my doctor had recommended it. But then I thought, ‘There must be another way,” Pimley said. “When I first heard about Florasophy’s ability to balance hormones and improve overall health, it seemed to align with our family’s values ​​of trying to embrace the most natural approach whenever possible. After a month of regularly taking the Florasophy supplement, I canceled my operation. My PMS symptoms are almost gone.

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About Florasophy

Florasophy is a collection of clinician-developed soluble fiber blends that optimize digestion, enhance detoxification, and support overall well-being. Founded in Portland, Oregon, Florasophy provides increased soluble fiber through supplementation designed to improve health outcomes by supporting optimal digestion, elimination, metabolism, blood sugar and cholesterol management, detoxification, l hormonal balance, microbiome health as well as cardiovascular and colon health. Florasophy is available online.


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