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French investigation into who is behind the sabotage of fiber optic cables | Tech News

PARIS (AP) — The Paris prosecutor’s office on Wednesday opened a preliminary investigation into the alleged sabotage of fiber optic cables, which disrupted the internet in several regions of France, and said the country’s domestic intelligence agency would help ‘investigation.

The outages occurred early Wednesday, affecting several operators – but not all – during the day. Authorities suggested the damage to the cables was intentional.

Quickly, the prosecution opened a preliminary investigation for “degradation of property likely to harm the fundamental interests of the nation”, as well as “obstructing a computer system” and association of criminals, indicated the Paris prosecutor’s office. . In what appeared to be an unusual move, the French internal intelligence service, known as the DGSI, was taking part in the investigation, alongside the judicial police.

It was unclear if there were any known suspects.

The cable cuts apparently had no effect on vital services like hospitals. Some customers woke up with no internet service and technicians rushed to fix the damage.

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According to the newspaper Le Monde, the cable cuts affected some customers in the Paris region Ile de France, Alsace in the east, Grenoble in the southeast and the north of the Nord region.

The Minister Delegate for the Digital Transition, Cédric O, only mentioned the Paris region in a tweet, saying that “cable cuts have been confirmed, affecting the network of fixed and mobile lines”.

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