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From Sorona to Supima, the fiber moves you missed – WWD

Over the past few weeks, textiles have changed hands and undergone technological updates.

Sorona — a partially bio-based polymer from DuPont Biomaterials seen in sportswear and more — is officially part of Delaware-based Covation Biomaterials, a new biotech company unveiled this week. The news coincided with the Sourcing Journal’s Sustainability Summit held on Wednesday and followed the formal acquisition of DuPont Biomaterials by the Huafon Group.

Of course, decades of innovation and plant-based material innovations such as Susterra and Zemea go with it.

Michael Saltzberg, managing director of Covation Biomaterials, said the company will act as an “important gateway to a more circular economy” and help brands end their overreliance on oil.

It’s not just the so-called next-generation biomaterials that are being upgraded.

Last month, American Pima cotton brand Supima partnered with Textile Genesis benchmark cotton authentication. Textile Genesis has partnered with Lenzing and H&M in the past.

Partnerships unlock the textile traceability of the fiber throughout production and distribution. With Supima, the technology will be incorporated into Supima’s licensing program and applied to all Supima-branded fibers throughout the supply chain.

In addition to connecting Supima’s entire licensed supply chain (including growers, spinners, weavers, knitters, fabricators, etc.), the partnership will create a non-fungible digital token for every kilo of Supima cotton. which can be checked physically and forensically.

Marc Lewkowitz, President and CEO of Supima, highlighted the groundbreaking level of authority provided by the partnership.

“Supima’s partnership with Textile Genesis provides for the first time ever indisputable proof of origin for consumer products that goes back to the origin of the fiber. This allows Supima partner brands to credibly claim benefits in product quality and durability that are independently verifiable through digital and forensic testing. There is no system like this for any other fiber. Supima partners will have the most authentic and trusted source of premium cotton for all current and future needs in luxury apparel and home textile products.


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