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How to recognize a 100% fiber connection? How to orient

Lately, we have paid a lot of attention to fiber optics and also explained how to check the FTTH areas covered. Today we will try to clarify how to recognize a 100% fiber connection through the stickers.

For several years now, AGCOM has been preparing fiber recognition stickers which are affixed to promotional material (posters, banners) and to the websites of the various telephone operators. different is to ensure that users interested in subscribing to a promotion can immediately understand which connection you are talking about.

the green dot with “F” large and the word “Fiber” below, identifies FTTH (Fiber To The Home) connectivity, that is, the connection that arrives directly at home and consists only of fiber.

the yellow dot with “FR” and the writing “Mixed Fiber-Copper” rather identifies the FTTC, that is to say the mixed copper fiber. In an in-depth study published a few months ago, we explained what the difference between fiber and mixed copper fiber is and why it is important to know it.

Finally, the red dot with “R” and the word “Rame” stands for old-generation copper connections, also known as ADSL, which are still widespread in many parts of Italy.

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