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Inditex signs three-year €100 million Infinna supply agreement with Infinited Fiber Company

The new purchase commitment is important to Infinited Fiber’s plans to scale up its recycling technology with its first large-capacity plant, which is expected to begin operations in 2024, when Zara owner Inditex is expected to begin buy Infinna.

The partnership sees the team at Inditex and Infinited Fiber Company on the common goal of advancing new and innovative technologies towards the textile-to-textile circular loop.

As part of this collaboration, Inditex’s Zara brand launched a capsule collection using Infinna. Inditex says most of the materials in the capsule collection are produced from clothing purchased in collaboration with Spanish NGO Cáritas, a partner in Zara’s clothing collection program. The collection is said to “embrace Zara’s cutting-edge styles as well as Infinited Fiber Company’s innovative textile waste regeneration technology”.

The collaboration with Infinited Fiber is part of Inditex’s Sustainability Innovation Hub, an open innovation platform that works alongside start-ups, academic institutions and technology centers to promote and develop innovative initiatives for new materials, technologies and processes that reduce the environmental footprint of fashion. products and help move towards more sustainable and circular solutions.

Infinited Fiber has developed an innovative solution to transform cellulose-rich materials, such as used, cotton-rich clothing, into a brand new fiber called Infinna that looks and feels like cotton and can be recycled back into the same process with other textile waste. With this new fiber, Inditex says it will be able to continue to minimize the use of virgin materials and advance the movement towards a more circular garment production model.

“We are convinced that innovation is the key to the circular and competitive future of the fashion industry, which is why we are actively working to find solutions and are looking for new partnerships, processes and materials to achieve recycling. textile to textile. Collaborating with others in innovative new initiatives – such as next-generation fibers like Infinna – is key to delivering the transformation our industry needs,” said Javier Losada, Chief Sustainability Officer at Inditex.

Petri Alava, CEO and co-founder of Infinited Fiber Company, adds: “Inditex is one of the largest fashion retailers in the world, and this agreement is an important step towards achieving our ambition to make Infinna a consumer textile material of the future. It is such a joy to see the beautifully crafted pieces created from sustainably produced recycled fibers now released to the market for the enjoyment of Zara customers. They are another demonstration of Infinna’s versatility and what can be achieved when advanced technology is combined with quality design. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Inditex to make textile circularity a daily reality. »

The deal comes after PVH Europe announced a similar move earlier this week, partnering with Infinited Fiber Company to improve the sustainability of products offered in the block under PVH’s Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands. Infinna will initially be used to manufacture PVH products for Tommy Hilfiger in Europe, before transitioning to Calvin Klein products.

Materials science innovator Pangaia has also collaborated with Infinited Fiber Company, which recently achieved certification for recycled content under the SCS Global Services Recycled Content Standard.

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