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MONOCARBON Carbon Fiber Wallet Review – The Thinnest Or Thickest Wallet You’ve Ever Used

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EXAM – One of my daughters gave me a “big name” wallet similar in design to the MONOCARBON wallet for Father’s Day, and she spent way too much money on me. Is the MONOCARBON carbon fiber wallet worse than my $20 big wallet? Or would my daughter have liked to know about MONOCARBON? We may keep this notice secret.

What is that

The MONOCARBON carbon fiber wallet is an RFID protection card holder with a money clip. Cards are held securely by elastic fabric strips on 3 sides of the wallet.

What’s in the box

  • MONOCARBON carbon fiber wallet
  • MONOCARBON promotional information cards


  • Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Capacity claim: “30 cards, 20 bills”
  • RFID blocking
  • Magnetic [unsubstantiated]

Design and features

  • RFID cards cannot be “read” through the wallet
  • Pre-installed money clip


Setup is fairly straightforward for a low-tech item like a wallet. Open the MONOCARBON box, load the wallet, put it in the pocket. Remove and use cards as needed. You can charge with that but no need to recharge this.

Tests and observations

My big name card holder is nearly identical in size and function to the MONOCARBON wallet. The main difference is the double cutouts of the MONOCARBON for pushing and pulling cards. I think the MONOCARBON excels here because one cutout can be used to push the cards and the other helps grip the cards. My big name wallet allows pushing but I have to push the cards further to be able to grab them with the other hand.

You won’t cut yourself on the edges of the MONOCARBON wallet, but I wouldn’t say it’s comfortable to grip, and the edges may not be easy on tight pants, especially if you’re carrying a lot of cards, which makes it thicker.

This “30 cards, 20 tickets” statement is quite funny. If you load this wallet with 30 cards, I can guarantee you won’t be carrying it around in a pocket. And the name ‘Costanza’ comes to mind. After this examination, I can smooth the edges of the MONOCARBON wallet with my Dremel tool.

The claim that the wallet is “magnetic” doesn’t make sense to me in the first place, and I couldn’t find any evidence of magnets in the wallet. Magnets wouldn’t be a good idea near magnetic type cards with magnetic stripes on the back. So, there should be no worries about this strange claim.

A magnet makes to attract on the non-money clip side of the wallet so that it can be supported by a steel plate under the outer carbon fiber surface. I don’t know how it’s beneficial.

I only have the most essential cards for me and there are 10 of them. I have a $20 bill folded between the cards in the middle. This brings the MONOCARBON wallet to a thickness of ½ inch. I wouldn’t like mine to be much thicker.

This is how I arrange my cards. My primary credit card is the first card on one side of the MONOCARBON wallet, my membership warehouse purchase card is the first card on the other side of the wallet. These are my two most used cards. In their positions, they are the easiest to remove quickly. The second card behind my credit card is my driver’s license. In the middle are my debit card, my medical/dental ID cards, and a few other “required” cards.

The MONOCARBON wallet has enough elastic strap tension to hold cards securely, but is not so tight as to make card retrieval difficult. The advantage goes to the MONOCARBON wallet over my big name wallet.

I keep cash separate from my cards, so I removed the money clip from my big name wallet to make it thinner. This company has included a screwdriver for this purpose. You can also replace the elastic bands of this brand, or exchange the money clip for an elastic band. These features surely add to the cost.

With a Torx T-6 screwdriver, I also removed the money clip from the MONOCARBON wallet. He is now even thinner.

Are the sides of the MONOCARBON wallet really carbon fiber or just embossed plastic? I don’t know and I don’t know how to say. MONOCARBON sends a small sample of carbon fiber material glued to a card provided in the box. This material, which the card says is “true carbon fiber material”, looks and feels different than the wallet itself. The wallet has very smooth and hard sides. I’m no carbon fiber expert, so who knows? I also wonder if I really have the UV coating on my prescription sunglasses. Carbon fiber can be smoothed to a smooth finish, so let’s say it’s carbon fiber.

What I like

  • Monocarbon carbon fiber wallet works as advertised and as expected
  • The price is lower than some of the similar card holder wallets.

What I would change

  • Sharp edges should be smoothed for comfortable handling and carrying
  • Clarify or remove the “magnetic” claim

Final Thoughts

At Amazon only, the MONOCARBON Carbon Fiber Wallet has many similarly designed competitors priced below, at, and above its price. But it looks cool, works perfectly, and I liked how it did what it’s made for. If it had smoothed edges I’d give it two thumbs up, but right now one of my thumbs is vertical.

Price: $39.90
Or buy: MONOCARBON and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by MONOCARBON.