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New open access company will bring together Dark Fiber Africa and Vumatel

The two companies, Dark Fiber Africa (DFA) and Vumatel, were owned by Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH), but under the new plan Dietlof Mare, CEO of Vumatel, will take control of both.

Vodacom, the South African arm of the Vodafone Group, took a stake in the two fiber companies in November 2021. Next, Vodacom took a 30% stake in a newly formed entity in which all physical assets currently owned by DFA and Vumatel will be transferred, in addition to certain fiber assets belonging to Vodacom.

The new parent of DFA and Vumatel has yet to be named.

According to the Ecofin news agency, each of the two companies will initially continue to operate separately. CIVH CEO Raymond Ndlovu (pictured) said: ‘Fiber to the home [FTTH] The market is constantly changing, especially in the open access environment, and fiber network operators must be able to keep pace.

South African regulators have yet to approve Vodacom’s acquisition of a stake in DFA and Vumatel.

According to Ecofin, the creation of the new infrastructure company should enable DFA and Vumatel to meet the growing demand for fiber connectivity and help bridge the digital divide in South Africa.

Ndlovu said: “The creation of this holding company will allow Vumatel and DFA to expand their open access network infrastructure to meet customer needs, with the ultimate goal of connecting more of South Africa to a high-capacity fixed telephony infrastructure.”