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New World – Where to Find Hemp Plants for Fiber

Hemp and its material, fiber is one of the most sought after objects in the new MMORPG New world and it can be difficult to find one if you don’t know where to look. This is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions by many gamers right now, especially newcomers who now need the hardware. Here’s where to find hemp plants in the New World for fiber and linen materials.

New World Hemp Location – Where To Find It

In the early missions, the game does not inform you that there are actually different biomes in this game world. Each of these biomes will most likely contain certain resources like minerals, plants, trees, herbs, and so on. To find hemp, you need to research two main biomes. These are the Meadows and the Forest.

Both of these biomes are easily found on the map as they are only areas painted green. Even if you started on a different part of the map, you will eventually find these biomes pretty quickly. Grasslands are your best bet as they are abundant in hemp.

Before you forget, make sure you have a Harvest Sickle so you can harvest the hemp. Craft it on any camp and only needs it 1 flint and 1 Green Wood. This is the only way to harvest the plant and there is no other way to do it, so be prepared to have one. It’s easy to do anyway, so don’t be lazy.

Find plenty of prairie biomes in the Monarch’s Bluffs area. This is one of the start areas and only low level monsters are here, so it is practically safe to come here and harvest hemp. There should be more grassland along the border between Windsward and Monarch’s Bluffs. There are more in other regions as well.

Get fiber by harvesting hemp

new world hemp

Now you might be wondering how the heck are you going to get fiber when you are only harvesting hemp. This is easy because when you harvest hemp, it then turns into material fiber. Some players might have no idea how to get one, so here it is. You only need to harvest a lot of hemp to get fiber.

The best part is that there is no requirement to harvest hemp unlike other plants and other resources. No requirement level to do it and you just need a harvest sickle to do it. If it breaks, it is free to fix it, no hardware is needed.

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New World is now available on PC.