Fiber foods

Research leads to launch of fiber-rich yoghurt by Estonian dairy company

The study revealed that the amount of beneficial bacteria in the intestines of test subjects who consumed these products increased and their digestive function normalized. A high-fiber diet also helps prevent many lifestyle-related diseases.

According to dietary recommendations, a person in Estonia should consume 25-35g of fiber per day, but actually only eats half that amount. Scientists from the Food and Fermentation Technology Center (TFTAK) and the dairy industry conducted the study, where they analyzed the impact of fiber-enriched dairy products on human health and well-being. This was done by analyzing both blood samples and gut microbial communities.

There are as many microbes in the human body as there are cells, and the microbiome – the set of genomes of microorganisms that live in and on a human being – is most affected by what we eat. About 70-90% of the human immune system is related to the digestive system.

“Tests revealed that Hi!Fiber yogurt, which is enriched with four different fibers, helped normalize digestion and keep LDL and general cholesterol levels in the blood at normal levels, and also supported the growth of good bifidobacteria in the gut,”said TFTAK researcher Kaarel Adamberg.

“Dairy products are very nutritious and contain almost all the nutrients necessary for the normal development of the human body, but they lack fiber because dairy products are of animal origin”,said Liina Kimmel, Product Innovation Manager at Nordic Milk OÜ.

“Milk fat is an important source of energy and its biochemical composition is diverse. The proteins found in milk are a source of essential amino acids because they cannot be produced by the human body itself. Milk is also an important source of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a very good base to enrich with fiber for a versatile, healthy and beneficial food product.

Based on the results of the study, Nordic Milk has developed fiber-enriched dairy products with the Hi!Fiber product line.

Tere AS and AS Farmi Piimatööstus belong to the Estonian dairy group Nordic Milk, which has a consolidated share of the Estonian fresh dairy market of 40% and offers a range of over 400 different dairy products. The dairies of Jõhvi, Põlva and Viljandi receive more than 500 tons of milk per day.

In addition to the local market, the products are exported to 25 other countries, and 570 people work in the various units of the group.