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The Best Natural Fiber Wardrobe Staples for the Whole Family

Whether you made the choice for the planet or for your comfort or both, it can be difficult to wear synthetic fabrics once you get used to natural fiber materials. From cotton to cashmere, the most comfortable clothes for your family are often made from natural fibers. And, not only are they kinder to the skin, natural fibers are also generally kinder to the environment because they come from renewable resources and are biodegradable. In fact, synthetic fabrics can take hundreds of years to decompose, which is especially troubling given the overflowing landfills on this planet. Even so, not all natural fibers are created equal. The most durable natural fibers require less water and pesticides, which should be considered when purchasing basic natural fiber items. The following natural fiber clothing essentials are made to last, save the planet and provide comfort for the whole family.

The Oversized Turtleneck Sweater by State Cashmere, $165

This State Cashmere Oversized Turtleneck Sweater offers luxury without the price of premium cashmere by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers online. Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibers – it’s soft to the touch, doesn’t itch like sheep’s wool and regulates temperatures well. For those new to cashmere, it quickly becomes addictive and can even replace typical home sweatshirts. Even better, State Cashmere gets its wool from goats in Inner Mongolia and pays the shepherds a decent wage. Goats have a human life with plenty of outdoor play, grass, and attention, including regular grooming. And, by eliminating packaging, using only 100% cashmere instead of blends, and selling direct to consumers, State Cashmere has created an eco-friendly name for itself.

State Cashmere Basic V-Neck Sweater, $150

For men who have never worn cashmere, now is the time. This State Cashmere Basic V-Neck Sweater is incredibly versatile – it can be worn to the office with a button down shirt underneath or around the house on a Sunday, but don’t be surprised if there’s reluctance to take it off. The 100% Inner Mongolian cashmere used to craft this sweater is both soft and durable, making it perfect for regular wear. And, with State Cashmere’s commitment to sustainability and the ethical treatment of its shepherds and goats, this cashmere sweater ticks all the boxes.

Pima Slim Crew by Buck Mason, $38

Buck Mason brags that his t-shirts are meant to outlast you. Made from 100% pima cotton, this Pima Slim Crewby Buck Mason has an elegant, timeless and comfortable fit. Additionally, pima cotton requires less water to grow and is more durable than traditional cotton, making it a more sustainable option. Buck Mason offers high quality men’s and women’s t-shirts in multiple fits to suit all tastes.

100% Organic Kids Sweatpants and Sweatshirts by Crann Organic, $32 each

Crann Organic offers 100% eco-friendly GOTS certified organic cotton sweatpants and sweatshirts which are unisex and available in sizes for ages 4-10. The non-toxic cotton is perfect for sensitive skin and soft to the touch, which is also ideal for children with sensory issues. The weight of the fabric is neither too thin nor too thick, making it ideal for year-round wear and durable enough to withstand outdoor play or even school.

Ruby Crewneck by Naked Cashmere, $215

Once you’ve fallen in love with cashmere, you can never have too much – this natural fiber is comfortable for everyday wear and can be even more alluring than cotton, especially given its versatility from home to office. This Ruby Crewneck by Naked Cashmere will quickly become a favorite and comes in five gorgeous colors ranging from forest to Tuscan sunshine. Made with 201 grams of 100% 7-gauge knit cashmere, this sweater is the ultimate in quality, luxury and durability. Both light and warm, the ruby ​​crew neck has a flattering fit that is both timeless and elegant. And, Naked Cashmere is committed to sustainability and ethical production practices, earning a resounding stamp of approval.

Atlas track pants by tentree, $68

Everyone in the family deserves a pair of organic cotton sweatpants and this Atlas track pants by tentree is made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The sweatpants are made of a 4-way stretch mesh fabric that’s comfortable enough to wear hiking or lounging around in and is warm yet breathable. Tentree offers hoodies for kids and adults and plants ten trees for every item purchased.

TreeFleece Bamone Track Pants by tentree, $68

If you’re looking for comfortable sweatpants that will keep you warm, look no further than these. TreeFleece Bamone Track Pants by tentree. Made from a blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and TENCIL Lyocel from wood pulp, these eco-friendly track pants are luxuriously soft and stylish enough to wear at home and on the go. In addition to planting ten trees for every product ordered, tentree sells carbon offset packages for different lifestyle choices – like travel, birthdays and food delivery – by planting additional trees to help sequester carbon for each package purchased.