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Zoomlion equips pump truck with carbon fiber boom

Photo credit: Zoomlion

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (Changsha, China), a high-end equipment manufacturing company, has launched the latest pump truck (ZLJ5460THBSF 63X-6RZ) equipped with a carbon fiber boom on November 26 at its Lugu Industrial Park in Changsha, China. Innovation is the result of manufacturing technologies and carbon fiber composite materials independently developed and patented by Zoomlion.

It would be the first pump truck with a carbon fiber boom entirely designed and made in China. According to Zoomlion, it has not only improved working efficiency and reduced production cost, but offers lightweight performance, an improved feature thanks to innovative composite-metal hybrid structure technology applied to the pump truck.

The boom weight has been reduced by 35%. In addition, the 44 ton product is now able to reach a maximum feed height of 63 meters, making it the longest boom in the world in the same tonnage class. With a chip sensor added to the structure – similar to “installing nerves in bone” – it also offers monitoring and prediction to better serve customers.

Zoomlion’s pioneering technologies, including the new carbon fiber composite material and the company’s “hollow” boom design technology, would also be of great importance to energy conservation and reduction goals. emissions in industry. The annual output of 2,500 units of Zoomlion’s Lingyun Series pump trucks, for example, which uses this new technology, can reduce steel consumption by 750 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 1,500 tons. These lightweight technologies also significantly reduce the amount of energy required during operation.

It is important to note that Zoomlion has followed a comprehensive green development path incorporating green design, manufacture and management, meeting the market demands for high quality sustainability.

“As the world strives to achieve carbon neutrality goals, the construction machinery industry must accelerate the implementation of green technologies and manufacturing with new advancements that promote green and sustainable development of the industry chain and products, ”said Fu Ling, chief engineer and vice president of Zoomlion. “Zoomlion’s insistence on a green development strategy has highlighted the efforts and responsibility of the company in acting as an industry leader. “


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