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Global Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors Market Report 2021-2026 – Growing Demand for Data Driven Analytics / High Potential in Offshore Industry / Strict Legal Regulations Regarding Leak Detection –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Covid-19 Impact Analysis Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Market by Fiber Type (Single-Mode, Multi-Mode), Diffusion Process, Operating Principle (OTDR, OFDR), Application (Temperature, Acoustic, Stress ), vertical and region – The “Global Forecast to 2026” report has been added to from offer.

The global distributed fiber optic sensor market size is expected to grow from USD 0.9 billion in 2021 to USD 1.5 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 9.7%

The market has promising growth potential owing to the increasing adoption of distributed fiber optic sensors, especially in the infrastructure and safety & security verticals, as well as in the oil and gas verticals in a close future.

The major factor limiting the market growth of distributed fiber optic sensors is the technical issues associated with the installation of distributed fiber optic sensors. Any sort of negligence in the deployment or installation of fiber optics can affect the readings recorded by the sensor, which, in turn, would hinder the growth rate of the market. Therefore, the technical issues related to the installation of the distributed sensors act as a major constraining factor. This is expected to negatively impact the distributed fiber optic sensor market in the coming years.

The market declined in 2020, mainly due to the impact of COVID-19. Supply chains were disrupted in 2020 due to lockdown imposed by various governments and labor shortages in these industries due to travel restrictions, which affected the distributed fiber optic sensors market. Although the market was impacted in 2020, it is expected to recover by 2021.

“Distributed Temperature Sensing: Largest Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Market Segment, by Application”

Temperature sensor is the largest segment of the fiber optic sensor market distributed by application. Distributed sensors for temperature sensing are primarily used in oil and gas production in permanent downhole monitoring, coiled tubing optical-capable deployed response systems, and wireline deployed response systems smooth line optics.

They are also used in power cable and transmission line monitoring, and temperature monitoring in plant and process engineering, including transmission pipelines. Growing demand for data-driven decision making coupled with the cost effectiveness of distributed fiber optic sensors is driving the market.

Some of the advantages of distributed fiber optic sensors include low cost, long distance coverage and others. DTS is much more cost effective and advantageous for acquiring accurate, high resolution temperature measurements using fiber optic cables.

“OTDR:: Largest segment of the distributed fiber optic sensor market, by principle of operation”

The OTDR-based distributed fiber optic sensor market is expected to maintain a larger size during the forecast period. The majority of companies engaged in the manufacture of distributed fiber optic sensors produce sensors based on the OTDR operating principle.

The OTDR is a robust technology capable of providing precise measurements with high resolution. This technology has been used since the inception of distributed fiber optic sensors.

“North America holds the largest market share in the distributed fiber optic sensor market”

The North America region is expected to dominate the distributed fiber optic sensor market and is expected to hold the largest market share during the forecast period. Companies in North America are increasing production and expanding their distribution networks, and manufacturers are using new technologies in their operations.

Moreover, major players in the distributed fiber optic sensor market Halliburton Company (US) and Schlumberger Limited (US), among others, have their roots in North America, which creates an opportunistic environment in the said region. Additionally, North America is investing heavily in oil and gas pipeline projects to meet the growing demand for oil and gas.

The United States is a leading country in North America, in terms of oil production and consumption. It has the largest network of oil and gas pipelines. These factors are expected to propel the distributed fiber optic sensor market in APAC

Premium Previews

  • The distributed fiber optic sensors market is expected to grow at a significant rate driven by growing demand from the oil & gas and infrastructure vertical markets

  • Fiber-based multimode sensors are expected to dominate the distributed fiber optic sensor market in 2026

  • Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors Market for Strain Sensing Applications is Expected to Grow at the Highest CAGR Over the Forecast Period

  • Oil & Gas verticals and USA are likely to be major shareholders in the North America Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors Market in 2021

  • China Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Market Expected to Grow at Highest CAGR Over Forecast Period

Market dynamics


  • Growing applications in the vertical oil and gas sector

  • Increase in demand for vertical infrastructure

  • Reliability of distributed fiber optic sensors while working in harsh environments


  • Technical issues related to the installation of distributed fiber optic sensors


  • Growing demand for data-driven analytics

  • High potential in the offshore industry

  • Strict legal regulations regarding leak detection


  • High cost of distributed fiber optic sensor systems

Government Standards for Fiber Optic Sensors

  • we

  • ASTM F3079-14

  • ASTM E1653-94

  • Isa Tr12.21.01

  • Canada

  • CSA C22.2 No 232

  • Europe

  • IEC 61757-1:2012

  • IEC 61757-1-1:2016

  • IEC 61757-3-1: (IEC 86C/1267/Cd:2014) (Germany)

  • IEC 60794-3-70

  • Ul 61010-1

Case studies

  • Ap Sensing used its distributed acoustic system for cable fault detection

  • Deutsche Bahn used a distributed acoustic detection unit to monitor cable theft

  • Qatar Public Works Authority used linear heat detection systems equipped with DTS and DAS for monitoring purposes

  • Sensornet used its distributed temperature sensor for temperature and strain monitoring

  • Schlumberger Introduced Wellwatcher Briteblue Ht DTS Fiber Sensor for Steam Flood Operating Temperature Monitoring in Canada

  • Schlumberger presented the Hdvs distributed acoustic detection system for a borehole seismic survey in Belgium

Average Selling Price (ASP) Analysis

Industry trends

Ecosystem/market map

  • Material and component suppliers

  • Sensor manufacturers

  • end users

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors Market: Supply Chain Analysis

Technological analysis

  • Quasi-distributed sensing

  • Distributed detection

  • Interferometry

Technology Trends

  • Miniaturization of cables and distributed fiber optic sensing sensors

Patent analysis

Company Profiles

Key players

  • Schlumberger

  • Halliburton

  • Yokogawa Electric

  • Weatherford International

  • Luna Innovations

  • from

  • weave tape

  • Omnisense

  • AP detection

  • darkpulse

Other key players

  • AFL

  • Photonic Laboratories of Aragon

  • Corning

  • Fotech

  • Hifi Engineering

  • falcon measure

  • NKT Photonics

  • Optromix

  • Oz Optical

  • Sensor network

  • Sensoron

  • Silixa

  • Solifos

  • Viavi Solutions

  • Ziebel

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