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Iowa’s First Fiber Optic Internet Search Service Launched

Fiber Homes, the nation’s premier fiber Internet search service for rural and suburban buyers, renters, and real estate professionals, has launched a new website for home buyers and sellers in Iowa . People looking to buy a home in certain parts of Iowa can now determine the quality of internet available at a given address.

Address level data is provided directly by fiber service providers to Fiber Homes, which now has 26,111 Iowa homes in the company’s database that are certified to have fiber internet connectivity. Records will continue to be updated in real time and as new homes come online, consumers viewing will be the first to know.

“High-speed fiber internet is no longer the icing on the cake of household internet connectivity, it has become a basic requirement for anyone who wants to fully participate in the modern economy,” said Robert Gilbert, CEO of Fiber Homes. “Many people looking to buy or rent a home in Iowa will be able to acquire up-to-date and correct information about home access to fiber internet services.”

In today’s world, people are working from home, getting work assignments, getting medical care, attending college, and of course getting entertained through HD online streaming services. As a result, fiber-optic broadband internet services that provide these capabilities have become as essential to consumers as connections to gas, electricity and water supplies.

According to a 2019 FCC study, it is expected that until at least 2025, 50% of all US homes will still be without fiber access.

Fiber Homes offers real estate agents through Fiber Homes Pro services that provide a competitive advantage. If it is a listing agent, it has access to the home marketing materials as a connected “fiber optic home”, and if it is a buyer’s agent, it has access to products and prices from this house’s supplier, as well as exclusive offers. promotions from new movers that they can pass on to their customers.

Fiber Homes is also actively working with MLSs across the country to add this crucial information to property listings.

Currently, nearly 2 million addresses in a total of 22 states are in the database, and thousands of new addresses are added every day. Over 80 vendors across the country are currently contributing to the database with more expected to follow soon.