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Toray markets 100% vegetable nylon fibers

January 25, 2022


Japanese textile giant Toray unveiled a nylon fiber made from plant-derived polymers that could revolutionize the world of textiles. Based in Tokyo but with global operations, Toray plans to launch the new Ecodear N510 – its first 100% vegetable nylon fiber – for fall/winter 2023.

Bio-based Ecodear N510 is made by polymerizing and spinning sebacic acid and pentamethylenediamine, derived from the castor bean plant and corn plant respectively. Toray claims the new material has the same physical characteristics as conventional nylon, including strength and heat resistance, as well as excellent stability. against humidity.

Toray jacket made with Ecodear N510
Jacket made with Ecodear N510 ©Toray

Toray already offers partially plant-based polyester, nylon and other polymers and continues to research plant-based materials as it seeks to become a carbon-neutral company.

The end of classic nylon?

As a type of plastic, conventional petroleum-derived nylon is not biodegradable and contributes significantly to microplastic contamination globally. In the early 1950s, Toray became the first Japanese company to manufacture nylon and will now begin initial production of its vegetable-based alternative at a volume of 200,000 meters by the end of March 2023, increasing to 600,000 meters.

“We will continue to promote the development of a wide range of applications, including wearable applications, as materials contributing to the realization of a sustainable society in a wide range of applications,” the company said.